Griffin Wilds

We Leverage Insights To Create Strategy

Griffin Wilds is a boutique marketing consultancy that leverages customer and market insights to help marketers design and implement winning strategies. We use our experience in marketing, marketing research, cognitive psychology, branding and communications to provide greater insight and a deeper understanding of your target. Then we work with you so that their stories - preferences, needs and wants - are incorporated into the fabric of your brand.  

Research Done Right - Analytics

For over 10 years, we have worked for large global marketing research firms including Ipsos, and TNS, providing top-notch marketing research consulting services. They come to us because we produce quality work from proposals to final reports and presentations. 

Concierge Service

Every project needs to have a senior person involved from beginning to end. At Griffin Wilds, we assign a Strategy Director (equivalent to a large firm Vice President) with industry expertise to manage every every aspect of the engagement. They are your key point of contact, lead our internal teams, facilitate your workshops and lead the creative strategy process.

We Won't Disappear

We believe in lasting relationships, so your success is our success. We are always here to help you, whether to answer a quick question or to provide some objective thoughts and opinions on business issues. Give us a call, we love to help!

Industry Specialties

We work in a number of industries including Financial Services, Consumer Goods (health & beauty, foods, haircare, fragrance), Pharmaceuticals (cardiovascular, central nervous system, oncology), Consumer Electronics, Health Insurance and Healthcare. 

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