Griffin Wilds

We Leverage Insights To Create Strategy

Griffin Wilds is a boutique marketing and strategic planning consultancy that leverages customer and market insights to develop and implement winning strategies. We use our experience in marketing, marketing research, cognitive psychology, branding and communications to provide greater insight and a deeper understanding of your needs. Then we work with you so that  preferences, needs and wants are incorporated into your organization.  

With over 65 years of combined experience, working with major Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and governments (local to federal), we provide the solutions you need!

The Large Firm Alternative

For years, we have provided Honimichle 50 research vendors with affordable marketing research consulting services. Now we are offering these services directly to corporations. Receive the same quality work with concierge service at lower prices!

Large firms are built for big studies – over $100,000. They are not skilled at handling anything less. That’s because their internal processes are expensive, move slowly, and are cumbersome. So to win smaller projects, they partner with firms like Griffin Wilds, to execute all aspects of the study – from proposal to final report. And they mark up our costs so you pay more.  Save 20% (average) on your study by coming directly to us!

Concierge Service

We’ve been corporate researchers. We understand the need to have a senior person involved in your study from the proposal through to the presentation. At Griffin Wilds, we assign a Research Director (equivalent to a large firm Vice President) experienced in your industry, to every project. They will always be your key point of contact and stay involved throughout the research process.

Multiple Industries

We work in a number of industries including Financial Services, Consumer Goods (health & beauty, foods, haircare, fragrance), Pharmaceuticals (cardiovascular, central nervous system, oncology), Consumer Electronics, Health Insurance, Non-Profit Management and Healthcare. 

We Create Solutions that Fit Your Needs

Although we are a boutique firm, we are as powerful as a large firm! That means that we have the analysis and expertise needed to solve your issues. Some of our capabilities include:

  • Online and in-person qualitative
  • Exploratory qualitative
  • Concept testing
  • Attitude and Usage Studies
  • Brand, advertising and product tracking
  • Customer Experience
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Human Resources and Organizational Development

With both qualitative and quantitative solutions available, we custom design your study so that it fits your needs like a glove. Send us an RFP today!!

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